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The project

Lever is a smart digital wallet platform to help consumers optimize credit card rewards, track spending, and improve credit scores. Taking this into account, we were asked to develop a tool to help young adults select the right card while shopping online.

A challenge worth sharing

For this to work, we had to collect all reward programs across the USA and train a custom made suggestion algorithm. With the algorithm trained,  we moved forward and implemented it as a chrome extension that could be used from any ecommerce website.

Technologies used

React LogoRuby on Rails LogoNode jsPythonHeroku LogoAmazon Web ServicesUi Path
React, Ruby on Rails and Heroku

The project

Securing payment data

A web app was created in order for users to upload and edit credit card information, which can be later used by the extension to auto-fill any credit card field during the checkout procesess. This data is securely protected by a PCI compliant system.
Select your bank screen

The ranking system

When the extension detects that you are in the checkout page, it activates and displays all of the user’s available credit cards from best to worst based on your shopping goals.

Testing and fine tuning

In order for Lever to succeed it was of utmost importance for the chrome extension to work on every ecommerce website. This was the most challenging step to overcome, as it needed to be perfect in order for us to make the official release.
Lever Searching Rewards


Lever took us 6 months to release the MVP, with a team of 2 developers and 1 project manager. After 2 years of great work, we still have a team of developers delivering new features and support.
This was our first time creating a chrome extension, we learned a lot of things a long the way, and we were able to deliver a successfull project that is used by hundreds of users.
The project started with two of our top developers, Mauro and Franco, and eventually scaled as the requirements changed. We worked on Frontend, backend and data scraping.
Data scraping bots were created in order to periodically access US banks public information to keep the credit card rewards data base updated.
We followed an Agile methodology, running 2-week "sprints", performing demos twice a month to show progress, receive feedback and make small incremental releases.
Mauro Davoli

Mauro Davoli


"Lever was a fantastic and challenging journey, we built it from scratch without precedents and it became a market model in a few months. A fantastic idea. no doubt"

The result

The Lever ecosystem is still expanding with new tools and features to come. Right now it consists of a landing page and a chrome extension that can be fine tuned by the user from the web app.

Our client's review

“GoGrow continues to support and improve the client's business offering and product. The team meets every Monday via Google Meet. So far, the client has been impressed by the team's research and problem-solving skill
Amir Vardi
Amir Vardi
Founder at Lever
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