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How we helped the only gig labor platform of exclusive firefighters succeed and go live on Shark Tank.

Hidrent is the only on-demand home service company partnered with the IAFF-FC that is dedicated exclusively to helping firefighters supplement their incomes during their off-duty days. It connects firefighters with homeowners and local businesses in need of "handyman-type" help that firefighters can complete in between shifts.


Build a web app to allow homeowners to book jobs.
Build a mobile app for firefighters to pick up jobs nearby their homes and release it to Apple and Play stores.
Build an admin panel for Hidrent's team to get full access to the platform database and perform a variety of custom actions.
Provide ongoing support and implementation of new features.
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4-6 developers, 1 project manager
2+ years, ongoing
End-to-end development, Staff Augmentation


At GoGrow, we are loyal followers of Ruby on Rails and React, and that's exactly what we used to kick the project off.
We built a team composed of a web developer, a mobile developer, a backend developer, and a project manager.

We followed an Agile methodology, running 2-week "sprints". During the development stage, we performed Demo meetings twice a month to show progress, receive feedback, and make small and incremental releases. For communication, we use Slack.

The development team hosted the repositories on GitHub and integrated HerokuCI for continuous integration (tests and best practices checks). Every new change added to the codebase goes under a code review by members of the team/organization.

The web app was deployed on AWS Amplify, while the backend was in Heroku, where we also hosted a PostgreSQL database. The mobile app is available in both Apple and Play stores.

GoGrow engineers have become part of Hidrent's team.

We are proud of how far we have gotten working together, with a clear mission of becoming the most trusted source available for gig labor and improving the financial well-being of our neighborhood firefighters.

Juan Baz, Engineering Manager

Juan Andrés Baz


"Working at Hidrent was special because I took on a new role as a Technical Leader. This allowed me to be present during business meetings and make important decisions with the founding team. It’s been more than two years since we started the challenge of re-implementing a platform that was already working in the market, and now, due to its growth, it has two mobile apps and two web apps."

Technology stack

Ruby on RailsReactReact Native


Project & Team:

• MVP Release Time: 3 months
• MVP Team Size: 3 developers, 1 project manager
• Ongoing (incremental) support: 2 developers, 1 project manager
• Relationship duration: 2+ years, ongoing


Hidrent went live in the Shark Tank show with a massive audience and an excellent performance.
• Current Users: 30k+
• Repeat Users: 35% more than once
• < 5 critical errors MoM
• < 10 bugs MoM


• 4000+ jobs completed across the country
• 1M+ early revenue since inception
• $250 average revenue per project

Hidrent users
David Heimbuch

David Heimbuch

Founder at Hidrent |  Participated in Over $1B in Successful Startup Exits

"What I have found most impressive was their ability to create a back end environment that saves me time, and allows me the ability to conduct business much more efficiently."

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