America Business Forum 2022 (Recap)

Last Friday we were invited to one of Uruguays most exclusive events, the America Business Forum. The Forum is a recurring event that has successfully established itself as THE PLACE TO BE on that date for local leaders and business managers for both networking and listening to extremely exalted speakers.

This was the 4th time I got to participate, and with every year, the speakers at the Forum continue to impress. For this year’s Forum, we were lucky to listen to top leaders such as a professional football player Luis Suarez to Uruguays current president Luis Lacalle Pou.

This was an inspirational event, hat thoroughly impressed both myself and the over 2,000 other attendants.

This years theme was “Future is now”, with technology and human relations as the major topics.

The Technological Side of ABF22

We all enjoyed a deep dive into the Forum’s focus on technology during Globant founders Martin Migoya and Guibert Englebienne talk about the metaverse and upcoming technological advances.

Martin and Guibert gave us insight on several fascinating topics. These included how they became big players in Silicon Valley, the metaverse, tech trends, the importance of promoting a healthy but challenging work environment and letting people be free but productive.

We also listened to Diego Lerner ( President of Disney Company Latin America) and Pablo Iacoviello’s (President of Amazon Prime for Latin America). These two leaders gave us separate talks about streaming, content generation and the importance of adapting ones product to the local markets.

Diego’s presentation was exceptional for 2 major reasons. This year’s Forum was the first time in 28 years that he’d participated as an event speaker. Secondly, it was all around amazing getting to hear directly from the leader of a highly influential company. He told us about watching his first Disney movie as a kid, his father’s mission to defend studios from piracy, and the thrill of working directly with Bog Iger.

The Human Side of ABF22

The Forum also reflected on some profoundly touching topics. Both Luis Suarez and Marcelo Tinelli (One of Latin Americas most Famous TV Hosts for over the last 30 years) broke into tears while talking about their loved ones and how they were the ones to whom they owe their success.

We also heard a powerful discussion by Maria Noel Vaeza from ONU Mujeres for Latin America talked about the role of women in todays organizations.

Lessons Learned

Although I currently work for a TECH startup, I’ve been part of two multinational companies, one from the TELECOM industry and one from the PETROL industry. I’ve been part of both sides of the street on multiple occasions so I perfectly understand the challenges both kinds of organizations face when dealing with talent, salaries and flexibility.

It was interesting to hear how companies like Amazon and Globant manage to attract and retain talent by becoming more horizontal and empowering individuals. I believe they are going the right way about it. Martin gave proof of this when he said that people were slowly coming back to their office on their own and not because of any company policy.

It was also very important to notice how even Amazon Prime and Disney had to adapt their content to the local markets in order to succeed, showing that “one size fits all” no longer works in a world that is diverse and full of competitors.

American Business Forum

Where we stand

I believe that at GoGrow we were lucky to participate in the event and learn from people who are absolute paragons with what they do.

We are a young company that’s constantly striving to improve it’s methodologies and processes. That’s why it’s important for us to get a bit better everyday.

We value each of our collaborators and that’s why we were awarded the GREAT PLACE TO WORK award for women in tech last year.

Work With Us

Thanks for getting this far down the article, we want you to know that we are a well established US company with the best talent pool available for skyrocketing your business and helping you scale and grow.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help you please email us at or visit our website at GoGrow.

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