‘GoGrow Story’ Sneak Peek: Pull Out All the Stops

In 2020, amid a global pandemic, four Uruguayan and American entrepreneurs had a conversation about offshore software development. We were all stunned at how the options back then were so inaccessible. They overcharged their clients, never fully integrated with developer teams, and added unnecessary friction and additional hours to projects. By the end of our conversation about these issues, we were confident that we could do things better. We teamed up and started our company, GoGrow.

GoGrow Founders: Franco Pariani on the left; Agustín Giacchello on the right.

We’re happy to say this adventure couldn’t be more fun two years later! We’ve delivered beautiful projects, joined our clients’ teams, and driven their visions.


We’ve had a pretty impressive, bootstrapped growth in less than two years. The team has grown to 30+ employees, more than 20 US clients trust us, and we’re aiming for 1M+ in revenue for the coursing year.

You may be wondering how we achieved that in such a short period. The answer is simple: hard work, trust, and good connections.

Although we’re headquartered in Uruguay, we have a remote team all over the Americas, from Colombia to Argentina, Paraguay, and the US. If hiring top-quality talent is hard, imagine doing it in countries you’ve never been to. If you’re struggling with this, hit me up.

We have a solid and straightforward process for recruiting our talent. We make sure that they speak fluent English, have strong problem-solving skills, good communicational and soft skills, are good people, and love what they do.

GoGrow Team 2021

Last but not least, all of this has been possible from the comfort of our homes down in Uruguay. So, don’t think you have to be physically in the US to run and operate a business there.

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