Case Study

Growth Nirvana

Marketing analytics in minutes, not months

Unlocking the Power of Data Analysis: Growth Nirvana's Unique Approach

Growth Nirvana is a no-code marketing analytics platform that specializes in providing data warehouse and data analysis services to companies in the marketing industry. Their platform offers a fast and automated way for users to connect their data sources and conduct data analysis that meets the specific needs of each customer. The end result is a report that shows revenue and expenses based on metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions.


Growth Nirvana has pre-built integrations with 300+ data sources so that you can connect your data quickly and securely to your everyday tools - without coding. Moreover they provide a fully managed, secure, and highly available platform for your data to be stored and processed.


Eliminate manual building of reports. Growth Nirvana creates the reports so you don't have to. Automate the tedious data pulling tasks and spend time on what really matters.


Fully customized, branded, white labeled reports in minutes.
Use their templates, or for complete control you can even build your own reports from the ground up.

Overcoming Obstacles:
The challenges faced by Growth Nirvana

Navigating the Ad Industry

Understanding the specifics of the advertising industry and how it applies to data analysis.

Advanced Analytics

Learning and applying advanced SQL and BigQuery concepts for data analysis.

Table Transformation

Modifying data models and table references in a methodical way.

Implementing new technology

Implementing new technology and tools such as Javascript and Google Cloud tools

Transformation Blueprint

Creating technical documentation for new data sources and transformation models.

Unlocking the Power of Data Analysis: Growth Nirvana's Unique Approach

Implementing Data Models and Transformations

Growth Nirvana faced the challenge of modifying hundreds of data models and table references to improve their platform. To tackle this challenge, GoGrow stepped in to help. The GoGrow team of software and data engineers was able to implement new data models and transformations to the Growth Nirvana platform, providing a more efficient and effective solution for data analysis. The team updated hundreds of existing models with a new notation to reference tables, making it easier for data engineers to conduct their analysis.
4 Developers
+ 10,000 Lines of code

Providing a new UDF Function

In order to enhance the capabilities of their platform, Growth Nirvana needed to implement a new UDF function through Google tools and BigQuery. This is where GoGrow came in. Using JavaScript, the GoGrow team was able to create a UDF function that was integrated into the Growth Nirvana platform. The function improved the platform's efficiency and allowed for more accurate analysis of metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions.
4 Developers
+ 10,000 Lines of code
ReactRuby on Rails

Technical Manual Creation

To ensure that clients are able to effectively use the Growth Nirvana platform, GoGrow created a technical manual to explain how to perform a transformation model for new data sources. The manual was created with the client in mind and was designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. The manual was a crucial component of the project, as it enabled Growth Nirvana's clients to continue to perform data analysis efficiently even as they added new data sources. The manual was also a valuable tool for Growth Nirvana, as it allowed the company to provide its clients with the support they need to be successful.
2 Engineers
+ 10,000 Lines of code

Unlocking the Power of Data Analysis: Growth Nirvana's Unique Approach

It was a pleasure working with the Growth Nirvana team, who have a warm, collaborative approach and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Their dedication and hard work made it possible to overcome the challenges and deliver a successful project.

If you are facing similar challenges and need data engineers to augment your team, get in touch with us. We have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals and drive your business forward.